VE Organic Matt provides a nutrient rich revegetation solution for the long-term rehabilitation of nutrient depleted soils.  An effective solution for land rehabilitating and is also as a suitable topsoil replacement.

VE Organic Matt is defined by a two-layer installation. The first installation is a rich organically microbial infused wood fibre layer which creates a growth foundation. The second installed layer distributes the custom seed blend within VE Gro-Matt.  This process promotes a sustained ecosystem, tapping into the nutrients below and drawing on the water retention capabilities of VE Gro-Matt.


Natural Brown

Pack Size

20kg Bales
Pallets of 42 x 20kg bales

Application Methods

VE Organic Matt is hydraulically applied to the required surface. 

The organically nutrient rich foundation of VE Organic Matt together with the growth properties of VE Gro-Matt, promotes seed strike and long-term vegetation establishment.

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