As Australia's renewable energy sector rapidly expands with over 300 wind turbine farms and more than 3.6 million solar installations, soil stabilisation and erosion control become essential to safeguard the long-term sustainability of these projects. These environmentally sound product solutions ensure the safe and efficient operation of renewable energy installations while protecting the local ecosystem and supporting the nation's clean energy future.


Soil stabilisation and erosion control are essential for the sustained functionality and environmental responsibility of solar and wind farms. These measures prevent soil erosion caused by natural elements such as wind and rain, preserving the integrity of the land and the stability of critical infrastructure. 

By implementing sustainable solutions that minimise sediment loss and release into surrounding ecosystems, renewable projects are demonstrating long term commitment to the environment. This commitment to environmental stewardship not only benefits local environments and communities but also reinforces the reliability of renewable energy systems, guaranteeing their continued delivery of clean energy.

We are Committed to Sustainability

Vital Chemical is committed to the continuous improvement of our business functions to ensure the delivery of best value products and services, whilst contributing toward objectives and outcomes aligning with The United Nations Social Development Goals (UNSDGs). Our Australian made products listed on the Infrastructure Sustainability Council (IS Council) ISupply Directory can support your project’s IS Council accreditation submission across a range of qualifying categories.