Concrete Removal

The unique thick gel consistency of Vital Chemical’s concrete cleaning products ensures an active surface is achieved with high surface coverage and effective cleaning. Product run-off, wastage and spillage is greatly minimised with the unique thick consistency which makes these solutions cost efficient, safe, environmentally and sustainably responsible. Our precision products comprise corrosion inhibitors for steel corrosion protection and are specifically designed to cater for heavy duty cleans and concrete removal on concrete trucks and equipment.

Vital Flo-Chem Thick with Rust Guard

Vital Flo-Chem Thick with Rust Guard is a low vapor emission, viscous, acid-based cleaner designed to remove concrete residue and buildup whilst providing its unique anti-corrosive protection to metal surfaces.

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Vital AC7 Truck Wash

A super heavy-duty cleaner designed to effectively remove dirt, mud, oil and grime from all surfaces including truck, cabs and tyre rims. Containing a unique built-in glass cleaner for complete vehicle cleaning.

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Product Categories

Vital Chemical’s range of solutions helps clients overcome challenges in multiple areas. Our independently tested products are proven to offer the benefits of superior sustainability and efficiency.

Proven, safe and easy to use concrete cleaning and removal products!

We are Committed to Sustainability

Vital Chemical is committed to the continuous improvement of our business functions to ensure the delivery of best value products and services, whilst contributing toward objectives and outcomes aligning with The United Nations Social Development Goals (UNSDGs). Our Australian made products listed on the Infrastructure Sustainability Council (IS Council) ISupply Directory can support your project’s IS Council accreditation submission across a range of qualifying categories.