Masterplan Community Residential Development


A major developer’s significant residential development site located in South West Queensland incorporated Vital Chemical’s products to deliver efficiencies whilst improving environmental and sustainability outcomes.


Vital Chemical employee applying chemicals to the ground

Designed to provide housing for over 100,000 people over the next 10 years, the rapid development of the project and increased time constraints led the project team to source innovative solutions to reduce time and cost factors.

Regulators required 80% stabilisation before council signoff on the project. This process would typically take several months and require plots to be top soiled, seeded and depending on the season, watered to establish vegetation. Once established, additional mowing and maintenance would continue until the plot was sold, only to be stripped off and removed when building began, normally within a matter of weeks.


Soil stabilisation

Vital Bon-Matt P47-VR1 was chosen for its ability to provide up to 6 months stabilisation for both erosion control and dust suppression.

The use of Vital Bon-Matt P47-VR1 progressively stabilised the lots to gain council signoff. There was no requirement to topsoil or seed the lots as Vital Bon-Matt P47 VR1 has an independently assessed and proven equivalent cover factor of 80% vegetation establishment.

The employment of Vital Bon-Matt P47-VR1 had an additional benefit for the developer as building could commence without any site scrape-off storage or disposal. Any landscaping topsoil was provided post-build.


Dust suppression

The streamlining of the section development process provided several clear benefits:

  • Sections were developed more rapidly and made available for building earlier 80% stabilisation achieved instantly for up to 6 months.
  • Significant potable water and energy savings (watering, maintaining and mowing) were made as sections were sold ready to build.
  • Risk of sediment discharges and contamination of clean topsoil were reduced during the build process.
  • Reduced environmental impact and improved outcomes for stormwater systems, waterways and community amenities.

Vital Bon-Matt P47-VR1

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