A broad range dust and erosion control formulation for shorter term stabilisation. Effective for all erosion and dust control and may also be combined with revegetation products for effective mulch binding.

This multipurpose veneer is designed for applications over numerous surfaces where strength, durability and flexibility are required for shorter stabilising periods and where greater cost efficiencies can help to be achieved.

Curing within hours and will not remobilise into the surrounding environment whilst achieving the outcomes of high windspeed and heavy rainfall resistance.

Dilution rates vary according to the specifics of the application however an average dilution with rate of 1:9 will deliver effective surface stabilisation. 



Pack Size

1,000L IBC
21,500L Bulk Bladder

Application Methods

Water Cart
(Cannon, hose, dribble bar)

Designed for non-trafficked areas, Vital Bon-Matt P47-VR1 is an inert and environmentally sound formulation offering cost-effective, instant and sustainable surface stabilisation for civil and mining broad acre, stockpile and residential developments.   

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