A broad range dust and erosion control formulation effectively binding dust particles and fugitive particulate matter. Vital Bon-Matt Stonewall stabilises dust emitting, erodible and exposed surfaces through its strong binding and flexible properties and is environmentally sound in formulation and effectiveness.

Designed to provide longer term stabilisation and dust control with strong binding properties. Vital Bon-Matt Stonewall applications range from small civil sites to large scale mining operations and train wagon veneering. Ideal for use on revegetation projects in combination with Vital’s growth technology products.

Suitable for low to moderately trafficked areas and is certified non-hazardous formulation that is easy to apply and fast acting. Curing in hours, Vital Bon-Matt Stonewall will not remobilise into the surrounding environment and is resistant to high windspeeds and heavy rainfall.

Used in a customised application program, Vital Bon-Matt Stonewall will deliver highly effective long-term stabilisation. Dilution rates vary across differing applications and is dependent on the longevity required. A standard dilution rate is 1:9 for with no requirement for ongoing watering and maintenance.



Pack Size

1,000L IBC
21,500L Bulk Bladder

Application Methods

Water Cart
(Cannon, hose, dribble bar)
Rail Wagon Veneering System

Using Vital Chemical’s renowned polymer technology, Vital Bon-Matt Stonewall provides instant stabilisation results for a wide range of applications, including but not limited to:

  • Exposed soil, sand or aggregate
  • Stockpiles and steep slopes and batters
  • Broad acre areas
  • Tailings Dams
  • Unsealed Haul Roads
  • Sub-base road stabilisation
  • Berms, swales and drains
  • Clearwater diversions, pond and dam lining
  • Hazardous substance isolation – asbestos
  • Train wagon veneering

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