This heavy duty, robust and concentrated formulation is designed for heaviest trafficked, unsealed road surface applications and other more challenging stabilisation scenarios. 

Formulated to greatly reduce erodible surfaces by wind, water and traffic, Vital Bon-Matt HR is a highly effective solution where strong binding and durable surface conditions are required.

Vital Bon-Matt HR is an environmentally sound concentrated liquid formulation, diluted with water prior to application.

Curing within hours and not remobilising into the surrounding environment, Vital Bon-Matt HR offers a robust and environmentally sound solution to challenging stabilisation.



Pack Size

1,000L IBC
21,500L Bulk Bladder

Application Methods

Water Cart
(Cannon, hose, dribble bar)

Applications include haul and site access roads, hardstand and laydown areas and areas of concentrated flow.

Ideal for use in areas of high velocity concentrated flow, such as drains and diversion channels, Vital Bon-Matt HR is formulated for hydraulic lining applications as it binds the exposed surface, stabilising the channel which results in clear water run-off from areas exposed to high velocity water flow.

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