Outdoor and adventure sport has grown rapidly over recent years and has resulted in the increased construction of tracks, paths, trails and pavements. The outdoor recreation sector encompasses thousands of kilometres of bush walking and bike tracks which dissect some of Australia’s most pristine and sensitive ecosystems.

Most of these tracks are open exposed in situ soils with high erodibility risk which require stabilising for sustainability. The disruptive nature of human interaction upon the ground surfaces of these recreational facilities has led to a growing requirement for versatile soil stabilisers.

Vital Track Bind has quickly become the leading stabilisation product for erosion prevention, ensuring increased stability and reduced safety risks to the users. With over 500 registered BMX tracks and more than 3,200 walking trails in Australia alone, this sector relies on trusted, dependable and environmentally sound solutions.


We are Committed to Sustainability

Vital Chemical is committed to the continuous improvement of our business functions to ensure the delivery of best value products and services, whilst contributing toward objectives and outcomes aligning with The United Nations Social Development Goals (UNSDGs). Our Australian made products listed on the Infrastructure Sustainability Council (IS Council) ISupply Directory can support your project’s IS Council accreditation submission across a range of qualifying categories.