The advantages and versatility of biochar are numerous and well documented. Vital Biochar meets the growing demand for reliable, at scale supply of biochar across a range of sectors.

  • Revegetation
  • Amelioration
  • Water Treatment
  • Contamination Isolation and Remediation

Vital Biochar is sustainably sourced and produced in Australia from thermally treated organic forest residues and waste timber.


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Application Methods


Revegetation and Amelioration

Vital Biochar can be incorporated into Vital Chemical’s proprietary revegetation product range to deliver improved soil and plant growth outcomes. Soils disturbed through mining or construction activities have low or no organic carbon content. Vital Biochar may be topically applied, prior to or as part of the revegetation process to support improved seed establishment and long-term soil regeneration. Increased moisture holding capacities (drought tolerance), nutrient retention, microbial health, amelioration in regenerative and carbon farming protocols can all be provided through the use of Vital Biochar. Soil carbon is critical to improving soil health and through improvement of microbial growth, self-sustaining vegetation can be supported.


Water Treatment

Biochar has been used historically as a water treatment solution worldwide. Within the civil infrastructure sector, the use of Vital Biochar supports improved water quality as part of an integrated water treatment system. Vital Biochar can be highly effective in removing a range of contaminants, providing improved water treatment outcomes.


Contamination Isolation and Remediation

Positive remediation benefits can be attained when biochar is utilised within the contamination and soil remediation sector. Vital Biochar can initially immobilise and support soil remediation as a sustainable alternative to coal-based PAC and GAG. Due to the specialised and critical importance of correct contamination management and remediation, expert advice should be obtained. A fully developed protocol is required to ensure that statutory regulation compliance and contamination management outcomes are achieved.

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