From the diversion of textile waste destined for landfill, Vital Chemical provides a valuable, carbon rich resource for applications into the environment – Vital VCell. 

Vital VCell is cellulose sourced and recovered from textile recycling through the technology of fibre separation, and has been scientifically developed and formulated as a revegetation amendment for the addition of carbon back into depleted soils.

Vital VCell is analytically tested and proven to be free of textile containing contaminants including PFAS and heavy metals. Independent revegetation growth studies are currently underway, to assess and validate vegetation growth improvements, plant root structure development and other positive impacts to soil carbon. 

As with all Vital Chemical formulations and products, Vital VCell is proven, trusted and Australian made.

100% Australian made from sustainably sourced, reclaimed and repurposed materials, Vital VCell supports sustainability innovations and objectives, leading to enhanced environmental and social outcomes.

Repurpose, Innovate, Sustain.

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We are Committed to Sustainability

Vital Chemical is committed to the continuous improvement of our business functions to ensure the delivery of best value products and services, whilst contributing toward objectives and outcomes aligning with The United Nations Social Development Goals (UNSDGs). Our Australian made products listed on the Infrastructure Sustainability Council (IS Council) ISupply Directory can support your project’s IS Council accreditation submission across a range of qualifying categories.