An organic thickener and binder that assists the construction and mining industry in handling and managing high suspended solid fluid loads onsite. Vital Slurry Thick has the ability in increasing the solid component of  liquified spoils or mining tailings, increasing the drying time and creating the ability to use general plant to move and stockpile the material. The high liquid absorption rate of Vital Slurry Thick’s blend  of organic gums rapidly increases drying time of the treated material whilst increasing the binding qualities. The addition of Vital Slurry Thick won’t alter the soil classification of the treated material. The modification of the dose rates will determine the drying and the strength parameters achieved on the treated material. Vital Slurry Thick is a fully biodegradable product that ensures the best possible outcomes for the receiving environment.



Pack Size

900kg Bulker Bag
25kg Bags 

Application Methods

Manual dosing

  • Turns slurries into manageable solids
  • Absorbs moisture and increases drying time
  • Solidifies tailings
  • Assists stockpiling
  • Reduces dust and erosion
  • Fully biodegradable

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