Christmas Shutdown

Stabilise your site this upcoming Christmas period


With unpredictable summer weather conditions and vulnerability to heavy rainfall and wind erosion, construction sites face significant challenges during the holiday shutdown period. To tackle these challenges, the application of Vital Chemical products plays a crucial role in providing short-term and long-term erosion and dust suppression.

Read below to learn how one of Southeast Queensland’s most extensive highway upgrades, CR2SM, successfully shutdown their site across several shutdown periods utilising Vital Chemical’s proven solutions.

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CR2SM & Christmas Shutdown 

CR2SM stands as one of the most extensive highway upgrades in Southeast Queensland, involving the expansion of the highway to six lanes. Over the course of its 52-month timeline, the CR2SM project encountered scheduled Christmas shutdowns in late December, rendering it susceptible to severe summer weather conditions.

To address this challenge and guarantee compliance with regulatory mandates, Vital Chemical products were applied during the Christmas shutdown period. Vital Bon-Matt HR and P47-VR1 (IGD) proved to be effective methods in achieving both short-term and long-term erosion and dust suppression during these periods.


Challenges during a Christmas Shutdown

The CR2SM highway project faced substantial challenges related to precipitation levels, with annual rainfall exceeding the 1600mm average. This excess rainfall made the highway project highly vulnerable to erosive forces from rain impact and surface stormwater flows, leading to potential sediment and chemical runoff. 

Conversely, during dry seasonal periods, the absence of water trucks due to the Christmas shutdown period created circumstances conducive to wind erosion. Unsealed road subbases and batters were susceptible, which can lead to increases in dust emissions.



  • Erosion Mitigation: Vital Bon-Matt P47-VR1 employed to minimise wind and rain impact erosion on unsealed batters within the CR2SM project, providing essential short-term stabilisation.
  • Rain fast Solution: Vital Bon-Matt HR was utilised to create a rain fast and temporary surface seal for unsealed subbase areas, ensuring stability during inclement weather conditions.



    • Enhanced Safety: Reduced dust and erosion hazards create a safer working environment for contractors when operations resume post-Christmas Shutdown.
    • Sustainable Impact: Vital Bon-Matt HR and Vital Bon-Matt P47-VR1 deliver lasting benefits beyond the shutdown, promoting long-term sustainability and operational efficiency.



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