High Demand During COVID-19

Unusual times lead to growth and hiring of new staff for Vital Chemical.

“As long as the economy is growing in the spaces we’re operating in, with all the construction jobs and federal and state funding of those jobs, absolutely we will be looking at more hiring”.

“All of our products are formulated with safety to the end user and safety to the environment first”

There has been a huge environmental focus and growth socially over the last 15 to 20 years and the focus on the Great Barrier Reef and sediment into waterways.

The policing of industries to control that has increased demand for chemicals like ours that can minimise the erosion of soil and sediments into waterways”.

Xavier, L. (6 August 2020). Courier Mail. Ipswich.

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We are Committed to Sustainability

Vital Chemical is committed to the continuous improvement of our business functions to ensure the delivery of best value products and services, whilst contributing toward objectives and outcomes aligning with The United Nations Social Development Goals (UNSDGs). Our Australian made products listed on the Infrastructure Sustainability Council (IS Council) ISupply Directory can support your project’s IS Council accreditation submission across a range of qualifying categories.